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Congrats! You have decided to buy your own home. We understand that buying your first home can be both exciting and daunting at the same time, and our friendly team of mortgage advisers are here to help guide you from start to completion.

AboutAbout your mortgage

Single or joint mortgage?
What’s your yearly income?

Error: Yearly income income must be between £1 and £10,000,000.

Do you receive a regular bonus?

Error: Regular bonus must be between £1 and £10,000,000.

about your mortgage

Based on your yearly income,
you may be able to borrow


Most lenders will let you borrow 4.5 times your annual salary so, as long as you have a standard 10% deposit, you should be able to borrow this much.


Depending on your personal circumstances, some lenders may let you borrow 5 times your salary.


Lenders usually cap the amount they lend at 5.5 times your salary, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to borrow more than this.

Mortgage Broker and Advisor in London

Revolution Finance is proud to be a market-leading independent mortgage broker London, with teams specialising in the competitive capital property market.

Your mortgage advisor London consultants offer a vast amount of knowledge, supporting property investors and homebuyers looking for exceptional mortgage deals tailored to their property purchase requirements.

As an established mortgage advisor London, Revolution is available to assist with all types of mortgage products:

  • Landlords and buy-to-let investors
  • Development finance and bridging loans
  • Commercial investments and business loans
  • First-time buyer mortgages and schemes such as Right to Buy and Shared Ownership
  • Secured home loans and remortgages
  • Bad credit mortgages

Our mortgage broker London professionals offer whole-of-market scope, enabling us to recommend any product from any lender that we feel best meets your needs and provides the most competitive value for money.

Choosing the Best Mortgage Broker London

With so much choice on the market, it's essential to select your mortgage advisor London based on the quality of service and cost-effectiveness they bring to the table.

Here are some of the ways Revolution stands apart as a top mortgage advisor London, with a strong track record in negotiating even the most complex deals.

Customer-First Approach

Every business, investor, or buyer needs a mortgage broker London who advocates for their interests.

We offer no-obligation advice, fast quotes, and a bespoke mortgage advisor London service, ensuring you find the mortgage borrowing you need on your terms.

Independent Mortgage Advisor London

As a wholly independent mortgage advisor London, Revolution has no association with banks, lenders, providers, or institutions. Our recommendations are unbiased, individualised, and based solely on your requirements.

Whole-of-Market Oversight

There are thousands of different types of borrowing. Whether you require bridging finance, a secured home loan, commercial lending, or an investment finance package, we can help.

Our mortgage broker London team will guide you through the options and ensure you select the right products with the benefit of expert insight into the pros and cons.

Full Accreditation and Regulation

As a respected mortgage advisor London specialist, Revolution is fully accredited, with each team member an accomplished expert in their field.

We are FCA authorised and regulated and work diligently to provide every mortgage client with outstanding service, confidentiality and guidance.

Benefits of Using a Top Mortgage Advisor London

Why use a mortgage broker London?

Let's run through some of the advantages of having a mortgage expert on your side.

1.Save Money on Your Mortgage

A mortgage broker London is there to identify the most attractive products on the lending market, analysing every aspect of the arrangement fees and terms, alongside the interest rates.

The cheapest mortgage 'on paper' isn't the best deal in many cases due to heavy exit penalties or steep administrative costs.

As your mortgage advisor London, we make it our business to negotiate the best possible rates, with terms to suit your ideal borrowing wishes.

2.Find Mortgage Finance Faster

Finding a mortgage can take a considerable amount of time, and perusing the whole of the British mortgage sector is a daunting task for any individual without insider knowledge.

Revolution mortgage advisors London will ensure you apply for the most advantageous borrowing right from the start and streamline the application process to get the cash in your hands quicker.

3.Access the Best Mortgage Products

A whole of market mortgage broker London is a fast-track ticket to better lending than you'll find anywhere on the open market.

Many of the top deals we negotiate are broker-exclusives, arranged directly with niche lenders who don't deal with the general public. That means you get better lending, better terms, and lower costs.

4.Receive Independent Mortgage Advice

In some cases, a conventional mortgage isn't the right product for you. Suppose you've been turned down for lending due to having a non-standard property, for example. It might be better to choose development finance or bridging finance, depending on the scenario.

As independent mortgage brokers London, Revolution will provide clear, straightforward advice to help you make informed decisions about your financial future.

5.Support With Mortgage Application Paperwork

Mistakes on a mortgage application, failure to disclose something that matters to your lender, or missing a piece of supporting documentation can create no end of difficulties with your lending agreement.

Revolution mortgage brokers London provide comprehensive support as a leading mortgage advisor London, making sure every piece of correspondence is fully compliant and meets the lender's needs perfectly.

6.Apply to the Right Mortgage Lender, the First Time

One of the most common reasons a mortgage applicant is turned down is simply that they have applied to an inappropriate lender.

Your high street bank, or previous finance provider, might seem like an obvious choice. Still, if you don't meet their eligibility criteria, it can further damage your chances of mortgage approval elsewhere.

As your mortgage broker London, we consult with you to understand your circumstances and direct your application to a lender we know will have no issues with approving your borrowing needs.

7.Help to Secure Your Mortgage Sooner

The Revolution mortgage broker London teams work tirelessly to ensure you don't run into delays and get your mortgage agreement sorted as quickly as possible.

Whether that means spotting a potential delay before it happens, chasing up lenders, or making sure any issues are quickly resolved, we'll ensure your application is approved without unnecessary setbacks.

How a Mortgage Advisor London Can Help

There are many different ways to approach your mortgage needs - thousands of people opt to apply for a mortgage directly through their bank or use a price comparison site unaware that they will find far better value through a mortgage advisor London.

Unfortunately, neither option is likely to secure the most competitive mortgage and potentially cost thousands of pounds more than a product negotiated through a mortgage broker London.

Here's why we always recommend contacting Revolution mortgage brokers London as your first step to a beneficial home loan:

  • Price comparison sites show only the lenders that pay to advertise there - they are not indicative of all the deals available. They will never display broker-exclusives or niche mortgage products you'll get through a mortgage advisor London.
  • Banks are severely limited, only offering the mortgage product they sell. Mortgage advice from a bank is not independent and is a sales exercise rather than genuine advice - whereas a mortgage advisor London offers full impartiality.

Working as your mortgage broker London, the Revolution mortgage advisors London leverage our years of experience to negotiate terms and rates with your selected lender, ensuring your mortgage deal is far more beneficial than any standard product.

Applying for Commercial Borrowing Through a Mortgage Broker London

Our mortgage advisor London teams deal with every type of mortgage, from investment portfolio landlords to first-time buyers, substantial developments, to commercial purchases.

The market in London is highly competitive, and you must secure the best lending products out there to return the most significant returns and profit margins for your business.

As an unregulated form of mortgage, it is vital you seek out a qualified, independent and whole-of-market mortgage advisor London to have the advantage of expert advice and support throughout the commercial mortgage application process.

Lending terms, rates and conditions vary significantly between lenders.

Therefore, whether you wish to find a commercial mortgage to purchase a new trading premise or would like to expand your business property portfolio during excellent market conditions, a mortgage broker London must be your first port of call.

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