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Securing an excellent mortgage offer with Revolution Finance Brokers couldn't be easier
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Find your Ideal Mortgage – Fast Find your Ideal Mortgage – Fast
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Securing an excellent mortgage offer with Revolution Finance Brokers couldn't be easier:

Get in Touch
Get in Touch
Get In Touch
Submit Your Application
Submit Your
Submit Your Application
Mortgage Completion
Mortgage Completion
Independent Whole-of-Market
Mortgage Advice.

Securing an excellent mortgage offer with Revolution Mortgage
Brokers couldn't be easier:


Accomplished guidance from independent mortgage experts.


Specialist assistance with complex or large mortgage requirements.


Direct support and advice
each step of the way.


Whole-of-market access through an
accredited, regulated brokerage.

Frequently Asked

Mortgage brokers provide an invaluable service to applicants looking for a loan, whether that's a residential mortgage, as a first-time buyer, or a commercial agreement to finance an extensive development.

Revolution Mortgage Brokers offer access to loans that aren't advertised on the open market and consult with every client to provide tailored, independent advice to ensure you make informed decisions about the right lending products, and the right lender, for you.

Brokerage fees depend very much on what sort of mortgage you're taking out and whether you have any specific requirements.

More complex deals requiring greater negotiation or for a larger value often command more expertise to organise.

Generally, fees range from 0.4% of the loan value and can sometimes be rolled up in the deal, so you don't need to manage separate costs.

However, the rates you'll find through Revolution are frequently more advantageous than through a bank and mean much lower monthly payments - it's a little like finding a wholesale deal as opposed to a retail price.

Free advice from mortgage brokers is usually based on a commission.

A lender pays the advisor to sell specific products, so we'd advise against accepting free advice, as it will usually cost you a lot more in the long term.

It's a common misconception that mortgage brokers make a mortgage more expensive because you'll usually need to pay a brokerage fee, but the opposite is true in the long term!

Investing a small commission in a broker can save a tremendous amount of cost due to:

Access to broker-exclusive deals with better rates than anywhere on the open market.

Inside knowledge about niche lenders or specialist providers who can offer terms tailored to your requirements.

Independent advice when selecting the right lender to apply to or identifying ways to strengthen your application to achieve lower rates.

Professional assistance with compiling paperwork and supporting documentation.

Leverage with negotiations since brokers have established relationships with lenders and can often liaise to agree on better rates, more competitive terms, or get an application over the finish line that a lender may have rejected on a technicality.

Therefore, getting a mortgage through mortgage brokers is often much faster, less stressful, and cheaper since you'll save thousands of pounds (sometimes within a year or two) compared to the costs of applying directly to a mainstream bank.

If you want to use your regular bank for a mortgage, there is no reason you can't apply.

You will need to meet all the eligibility requirements and have done sufficient research to feel satisfied that your bank offers the best interest rates you're going to find.

However, mortgage brokers will often save you a significant amount of time, energy and expense by recommending specific products with niche lenders who are ideally positioned to provide the funding you need.

Revolution Mortgage Brokers can also provide independent advice about a range of factors, such as insurances, alternative borrowing products and support schemes.

As an independent broker, Revolution Mortgage brokers has access to every mortgage on the market, with an extensive range of costs, interest rates and terms.

Using mortgage brokers rather than a bank means you get independent advice about whether the offered interest rates are competitive, any small print terms (such as exit charges) and a straightforward comparison to demonstrate the costs of comparable products.

Banks service most of the mortgage market - but they're far from the only lender out there!

The problem with going directly to your bank is that you have limited options and can only choose from the mortgage products they sell.

In many cases, a bank might turn you down because they have rigid qualification policies.

Mortgage brokers, on the other hand, are service providers acting on your behalf. We don't sell a specific product but listen to your needs and craft a mortgage strategy to meet your aims.

Often, yes, working with an accomplished broker means you'll be able to borrow more than if you apply directly for your home loan.

That's because we will consult with you first to understand how much you want to borrow, for what purpose, and then select lenders who offer suitable affordability metrics and eligibility criteria to enable you to apply successfully for the required value.

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A mortgage banker is different from a broker because they usually represent one bank or institution, use their own funds, and provide underwriting services and approvals.

Mortgage brokers are different because we act as intermediaries, scouring the market for the best products, negotiating terms on your behalf, and facilitating a smooth application process.

A broker isn't directly lending you money. As a whole-of-market broker, Revolution can recommend any bank, niche lender or mortgage provider we think is the right solution for your mortgage needs.

Some mortgage advisors work on lenders' commission, and therefore offer free advice.

This charging structure is best approached with caution since a commission-based advisor is paid to sell that lender's products to you, not make independent recommendations about the deal that is in your best interests.

The most reliable way to find free advice is to browse the extensive catalogue of mortgage guides available on the Revolution Brokers website.

We publish information about everything from improving your credit score to government mortgage support schemes, and all guides are openly available without any subscription or registration.

There are several compelling reasons to use a mortgage advisor - and a broker can be worth their weight in gold if you're struggling to find a mortgage or need professional support in negotiating rates to minimise your mortgage costs!

While you can search for a mortgage yourself, you have access to a tiny fraction of the market.

Many niche lenders offer broker-exclusives but don't manage applications directly.

A mortgage advisor can advise on deals that will save you thousands of pounds and be highly competitive compared to generic products on the high street.

Every mortgage is unique to the borrower, so the documents or information needed will vary.

The basic information to get started with your mortgage application includes:

Photo ID to verify your identity.

Utility bills to confirm your postal address.

Current bank statements and/or credit and debit card statements.

Once you proceed to a full mortgage application, there are several other details a lender will need to approve your loan - that might include trading accounts for a self-employed mortgage or rental income projections for a buy-to-let mortgage.

The exact rates you can expect to pay a mortgage advisor depend on the type of mortgage you're applying for and how much you wish to borrow.

For example, a complex commercial bridging loan to invest in a large-scale development, combined with a mortgage solution exit strategy, will require substantially more work and negotiation than a straightforward residential mortgage.

Costs also depend on the mortgage lender you choose but typically start from 0.4% and go up to 1% of your loan.

Please get in touch for a no-obligation quote to ensure you understand what charges to expect (and how much you will save in return, through professional advice and negotiation services!).

A mortgage broker can undoubtedly reduce the rates you'll pay on your mortgage, but interest rates are just one element of the cost of a mortgage - other factors include:

Arrangement fees

Product costs

Exit penalties

Revolution will compare product costs on a like-for-like basis (even if the fee structures are very different.

This service ensures you not only have the benefit of an experienced broker negotiating your rates directly with your lender but can also make informed choices about which mortgage offer is right for you.

A mortgage advisor is a professional qualified to deliver advice and help you find the best mortgage.

If you work with an in-branch mortgage advisor, please be aware that they are not independent and will only advise on the products the bank offers.

Mortgage brokers perform very similar tasks, but a whole-of-market, independent broker such as Revolution will support your mortgage application at every step of the way, negotiating rates, liaising with lenders and checking your documents for completeness and compliance.

The best option when selecting your mortgage broker is to work with one advisor who is independent and whole-of-market.

Limited brokers can only offer products they are authorised to sell, which means it is beneficial to work with several professionals and ensure you don't miss out on a deal exclusive to one broker.

However, it's wise to approach this with care.

Although you can gain leverage by negotiating with several lenders, if you use multiple brokers at once, it can mean that you submit too many applications, receive a deluge of correspondence, and end up with credit enquiries that damage your credit score.

Often, yes, a mortgage broker can help you secure a larger mortgage value, even if another lender has turned you down.

Mortgage limits depend on a vast amount of variables, such as:

The calculation method that the lender applies to your annual income.

How they treat variable earnings such as commissions, bonuses and overtime.

Specific lender policies relating to minimum incomes, age limits and credit scoring.

The best way to apply successfully for a bigger mortgage is to work with a whole-of-market broker.

We can compare qualification criteria and policies of any UK lender, and therefore signpost your application to mortgage providers who will approve your required loan.

It is advantageous to see a mortgage advisor any time you are making decisions about mortgage finance.

For example, if you're buying a new property, remortgaging, interested in refinancing onto a different loan product, or simply want to see what rates are out there, an advisor can help.

Mortgage advisors will save you a considerable amount of time and effort researching the mortgages on the market and usually ensure you get a more competitive deal.

Revolution always advises clients to be wary of working with a mortgage advisor who doesn't ask about your circumstances before making recommendations.

It is essential to understand your requirements, situation, affordability and current borrowing to ensure the advice given is tailored and specific to your needs.

Our team will ask about your income and expenses, your home or the property you wish to buy, your income source, credit history and overall aspirations for the mortgage application process.

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Securing an excellent mortgage offer with Revolution Finance
Brokers couldn't be easier:

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As specialist mortgage brokers for a huge variety of applicants, the whole-of-market consultants at Revolution provide access to an exceptional range of lenders, products and mortgage deals. That means you get the advantage of professional negotiation and broker-exclusives through an established lending network to ensure we always find you the most competitive mortgage available.

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