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Property Development Finance

Whether you are an experienced property developer wanting to expand your portfolio or just delving into the world of property development and are looking to refurbish and flip your first property, our experience and knowledge will ensure your financial needs are met. We’ll arrange a Property Development Loan package to suit you, and offer help and advice through every stage of the process.

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Specialists in property development finance, loans or mortgages

Property development loans are ideal solutions to help you acquire the funding you need to invest in the property you want to develop, without the long waits associated with long-term loans. Short-term loans can be approved in weeks or days depending on your circumstances, which means you can keep up with the fast-moving property industry and stay ahead of your competitors.

Short-term loans can offer the ready cash you need to purchase properties that are not suitable for traditional mortgages, such as ones in need of renovation. They are also suitable for investors looking for extra funding to finish a development project, or landlords looking to expand their portfolio without selling any of their existing properties.

Our property development finance brokers will support you by finding the best rates for your development projects.

How Property development finance, loans or mortgages can help your project?

We can arrange to finance for a number of reasons such as:

  • First-time property development
  • Help between the sale of one property and the purchase of another
  • Developing commercial land and buildings
  • Converting residential property into student accommodation
  • Expanding commercial property
  • Refurbishing a property to flip
  • Extra funds to complete a development project

Whatever experience you have in property development, we can help. If there’s a property or piece of land that you’d like to invest in, we can arrange and secure the finance you need to obtain it and see the project through to completion. Whatever your experience level, we can arrange funding to best fit your project.

So, if you want to make that barren warehouse a thriving commercial hub, turn that piece of land into a block of flats, or need the finance to develop student accommodation, we will source the best deals.

A tailored approach to suit your needs

We work with a wide range of mortgage developers UK lenders and can provide loans to match a variety of projects. Our experienced, knowledgeable team will assist with every aspect of the loan process. We will ensure you are successful in your application and answer any questions you have throughout. The process of developing a property is complex enough, and we aim to put your mind at rest by making the financial part of it as straightforward as possible. We offer structured, tailored packages that are flexible enough to adapt to your situation. If your project needs extra funding, we can organise mezzanine financing as required.

What the lender will require to get a mortgage for property development

The lender will need to see that you have assets as loan security and that the project is likely to get a good return on investment. You will have prepared a professional, achievable proposal and sought out planning permission, and show documents to prove you have permission to develop. It is essential that you have a solid exit strategy in place to show the lender that you can make repayments.

The lender will want to know specifics, such as the length of the project, a breakdown of all the expenses involved (including a contingency budget for any problems that could arise) and the estimated final value of the project. They will also want to know your level of experience. If you’re new to property development then you’ll need to provide the lender with the added security of a comprehensive list of everybody involved in the project. They will need to be certain that you are working with other qualified professionals, such as architects and project managers, who have good experience of similar projects, and they will need proof that any construction workers, designers and tradespeople will be contractually paid.

Key features of property development finance, loans or mortgages

  • Loans up to 100% of the build cost
  • Flexible payback options
  • Loans from £10,000 with no upper limit
  • Rates from 0.29%
  • Loans from 1-36 months
  • No upfront application fees
  • Funds available in staggered payments
  • No exit fees available
  • Flexible borrowing if your project falls under predicted budget
  • No experience required subject to conditions
  • Use other assets as collateral
  • No early repayment fees
  • Mezzanine funding if required

Borrow 100% of build cost

You can borrow up to 100% of the build cost, provided it is within 60-70% of the Gross Development Value (GDV), and up to 75% of the land purchase price depending on your circumstances, experience and assets. The GDV is an estimation of what the property would sell for on the open market.

Lenders will look at applications on a case-by-case basis.

We have long standing relationships with specialist lenders and following a consultation, we can arrange a bespoke package in minimal time. We can help clients with adverse credit history, providing there are assets as collateral. Interest may be higher for clients with poor credit history.

To borrow the maximum amount, you need to ensure you can offer other assets as security, such as existing property. If this is not possible, the lender will need to see a sufficient profit will be made on the property development project once it is completed.

How it works

If you think a property development loan is right for you, get in touch today to talk to one of our experts. We will give immediate guidance on the types of loan available.

We will then send out decision in principle, outlining the terms and conditions from the lenders. The interest and fees payable will be clearly outlined. Once you are happy with your package, we will begin the application with the lender. We will instruct surveyors to carry out any valuations that are needed. These valuations tend to be more expensive than regular valuations, and are sent to the lender around 10 days after the surveyor’s visit. Once the lender is happy with the information they receive, they will release the funds for drawdown, allowing you to complete your transactions.

Exit strategy for Property Development Loans

It is vital to have a strong exit strategy in order for your application to be accepted. As most lenders won’t charge a fee for early repayment, it’s best to opt to pay back the money over a longer period rather than run out of money earlier if there are delays to your project.

Main exit strategies that lenders will consider are:

  • Remortgage on a current property
  • Sale of a primary or secondary property
  • Conversion to the long-term loan
  • Sale of other investments

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