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Finding a Mortgage Offer After Rental Arrears

Finding a Mortgage Offer After Rental Arrears

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Trying to get into the property ladder with a history of rental arrears can be extremely frustrating. Credit issues can remain on your file for years, and so you might find that arrears from several years ago continue to make it hard for you to find mortgage approval.

Here we'll explain how rental arrears can impact your mortgage application - and what you can do to improve your chances of mortgage approval.

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The following topics are covered below:

How Do Rental Arrears Impact my Credit Report?

What Other Bad Credit Problems will be Flagged on my Credit File?

What Mortgage Can I Apply for with a Rental Arrears History?

What Level of Deposit Do I Need for a Rental Arrears Mortgage?

Can I Get a Rental Arrears Mortgage on any Property?

Can I Get a Mortgage on a Non-Residential Property with Rental Arrears?

Can I Get a Retirement Mortgage After Rental Arrears?

Professional Help with Finding a Mortgage After Rental Arrears

How Do Rental Arrears Impact my Credit Report?

Landlords may record your rental remittances and forward the history of those payments to the credit referencing agencies. In most cases, this system is designed to make it easier for tenants to build up a credit score and improve their ability to find a mortgage.

The Rental Exchange Scheme was set up in 2016 and means that landlords can include private rental payments in your credit file to prove a history of reliable payments.

Not all landlords are part of the scheme. For those that are, you pay Credit Ladder directly; they record the transaction and pass the cash onto your landlord.

Another aspect of this scheme is that it assists landlords who struggle with non-payments from tenants. Therefore, they can run a credit report and see if new tenants have repeatedly fallen behind with their rent before.

If you have fallen into rental arrears, it may show on your credit report when applying for a mortgage if you rent from a landlord who is part of the scheme.

What Other Bad Credit Problems will be Flagged on my Credit File?

Mortgage lenders will always need to run a credit report before deciding if they can offer to lend to you.

Issues that your file will record include:

  • Having a low credit score.
  • Late payments or mortgage arrears.
  • Defaults and CCJs.
  • Debt management plans and IVAs.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Repossession.

If you have several credit issues, the best option is to consult an independent broker who can negotiate with bad credit lenders on your behalf.

What Mortgage Can I Apply for with a Rental Arrears History?

It's always advisable to consult an independent broker to assess your affordability before applying for a mortgage.

A lot depends on your income and whether you have other debts to bear in mind. One useful tool is to look at what you're paying in rent and calculate how switching to a monthly mortgage will impact your available finances.

Most mortgage providers will lend up to four times your annual income. Some will offer a higher multiple, but only if you meet their other lending criteria and don't have any severe credit issues.

What Level of Deposit Do I Need for a Rental Arrears Mortgage?

The majority of lenders offer residential mortgages up to 85% Loan to Value, which means you will need a 15% deposit. There are specialist mortgages with a smaller deposit available through a whole-of-market broker.

If you have a bad credit issue on your file, you're likely to require 15% to 25% to offset the lender's perceived risk.

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Can I Get a Rental Arrears Mortgage on any Property?

Lenders prefer to mortgage standard properties built from bricks and mortar. Non-standard properties are at higher risk because they are harder to sell in a repossession scenario.

If you have rental arrears on your credit file and wish to buy a property in the following categories, you will almost certainly need help from a broker to negotiate a mortgage on your behalf:

  • Listed buildings.
  • Ex-council properties.
  • High rise flats.
  • Concrete buildings.
  • Timber-framed houses.
  • Flats with access through a balcony.

Can I Get a Mortgage on a Non-Residential Property with Rental Arrears?

Potentially, but again it all depends on whether you can prove affordability and whether there are any other issues on your credit report.

You can usually find buy to let mortgages, provided the rental income from the property will comfortably cover the mortgage interest charges.

There are also options for second home mortgages, even with credit issues, although the lending criteria tend to be stricter, so you will usually need a sizable deposit.

Can I Get a Retirement Mortgage After Rental Arrears?

Some lenders have upper age limits on who they will offer a mortgage to - that might be 75 or 85, there might be no limit, and it might apply at the time of the application or when the mortgage term is due to end.

Bad credit and a higher age create two increased risk factors, so it is vital to work with an independent broker who can identify which lenders will be able to consider your application.

Professional Help with Finding a Mortgage After Rental Arrears

Revolution Finance Brokers are a professional, independent team working with thousands of people across the UK who have experienced rental arrears and now wish to get on the property ladder.

The right lender for you depends on multiple criteria, and so we work with you to understand your circumstances to ensure you get the most competitive mortgage offer in place.

Give us a ring on 0330 304 3040, or email the team at to arrange a good time to talk.

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