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Is it Possible to Find a Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

Is it Possible to Find a Mortgage After Bankruptcy?
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Almas Uddin
Almas Uddin

Founder and Mortgage Advisor

Almas Uddin09 Dec 2023

Is it Possible to Find a Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

With the growth of the bad credit mortgage lending sector, it is far less impossible to find a mortgage following bankruptcy now than ever before. However, this is a specialist situation, and so we strongly advise consulting an independent broker to manage the process for you.

Bankruptcy is a serious position, and therefore it is vital to apply to the right lenders and have a broker to negotiate the terms on your behalf.

If you're looking to apply for a mortgage following bankruptcy, give the mortgage brokers team a call on 0330 304 3040 or email us at [email protected].

Can I Apply for a Mortgage After Having Been Declared Bankrupt?

You can, yes. You will almost certainly need to apply to a niche lender, as the vast majority of high street banks will automatically reject any applicant with a bankruptcy history.

The application will need to wait until the bankruptcy has been discharged, usually taking around a year. If you can build up a few months or years of positive credit management since the discharge date, you will have a better chance of approval.

Any bankruptcy mortgage will tend to charge higher interest rates than for a person with a clean credit file. However, after four or five years, if your financial conduct is excellent, you can usually borrow a mortgage with a 5-10% deposit on similar terms to any other borrower.

If the bankruptcy were discharged within the last two years, you would need a higher deposit of at least 25%.

The below table provides an indication of the likelihood of finding a mortgage, depending on how long ago it was discharged:

Registration Date

Discharge Date

Eligibility for a mortgage

Deposit requirements

Within one year

0 years

Not eligible.


One year ago

0 years



Two years ago

One year



Three years ago

Two years



Four years ago

Three years



Five years ago

Four years

Very likely


Six years ago

Five years

Very likely


Over six years ago

Six+ years

Very likely


Where Can I Get a Mortgage After Bankruptcy?

There are around 20 lenders in the UK who offer mortgages to applicants with a discharged bankruptcy. A lot depends on how many years have passed and whether you have any additional credit issues to consider.

To improve your chances of approval, you should:

  • Obtain a copy of your credit file from all three major bureaus - Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. You should check all the details are accurate and query any errors before applying for your mortgage.
  • Consult a broker to determine which lenders you would be eligible to apply to.
  • Work on improving your credit score and building up a positive credit history. That could include registering to vote, using a credit builder facility, not applying for unnecessary borrowing, and paying all your bills on time.

How Does the National Hunter Database Impact my Mortgage Eligibility?

The National Hunter Database includes everybody who has been made bankrupt in the UK, including discharged bankruptcies.

This report isn't something lenders will rely on for credit scoring, although they will run your name through when considering the full application process.

That means that, even if the bankruptcy were discharged over six years ago and no longer appears on your credit file, you would still need to declare this since it will be identified through the database.

What Happens if I Have a Bankruptcy and Other Credit Issues?

Much depends on when. If you had credit issues and became bankrupt but have been responsible since you can usually find a mortgage with a specialist lender.

Having more bad credit problems after bankruptcy is a red flag and can make it extremely difficult to find a mortgage.


Can I Buy a Rental Property After a Bankruptcy?

Possibly, yes. Usually, you will need it to have been discharged three years ago and have a good credit report since then.

Most lenders will require at least a 15% deposit and will need you to meet personal income thresholds and demonstrate that you already own another property.

Can I Remortgage to Repay Bankruptcy Debt?

Yes, you can. This type of financing can annul your bankruptcy and revert your credit report to before it was registered. It can be tricky to find a remortgage lender, as they will need to take a close look at affordability to consider the application.

However, a whole-of-market broker can facilitate the borrowing, allowing you to repay your debts and clear the bankruptcy from your credit file.

If I am Bankrupt, Will my Home be Repossessed?

Not always, no. Some properties are repossessed if the mortgage is in default, which is part of the bankruptcy proceedings.

You can usually avoid repossession if you have other family members living with you, are in negative equity, or sell a proportion of your property.

There are also repossession recuse mortgages available and a few other alternatives to avoid losing your home.

If you are declared bankrupt, the lender won't cancel your mortgage, and you will usually have to keep up with the repayments.

Expert Advice on Mortgages After Bankruptcy

It might feel that you won't ever be able to get a mortgage after bankruptcy - but there are several options on the table.

Give Revolution a call on 0330 304 3040 or email us at [email protected]. We'll run through all the solutions with you to ensure you can find competitive borrowing and help get your finances back on track.

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