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Mortgage Action Plan! What To Do If Santander Rejects Your Mortgage Application

Mortgage Action Plan! What To Do If Santander Rejects Your Mortgage Application

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Firstly, let's clarify that Santander is a well-respected mortgage provider in the UK. However, any high street bank will have a range of criteria that means they inevitably reject mortgage applications on a routine basis.

In this guide, the Revolution team explains some of the most common reasons your Santander application has been refused and what you should do next.

For independent advice about securing competitive mortgage lending after a bank rejection, please contact the Revolution Brokers team at info@revolutionbrokers.co.uk or give us a ring at 0330 304 3040.

The following topics are covered below:

Why Has My Santander Mortgage Application Been Refused?

What Should I Do If Santander Has Refused My Mortgage Application?

Why Has My Santander Mortgage Application Been Refused?

When your mortgage application is rejected, it can feel highly disappointing. However, you're not alone, and many people have their applications turned down for one of the following reasons.

  • Your credit report shows defaults in the last 12 months.

Like most high street banks, Santander has robust policies around credit assessments. If you have even a minor default in the last year, you won't be able to apply until this has cleared from your credit record.

  • The property survey reported the home was of 'non-standard' construction.

Non-standard construction can mean anything from a thatched roof to a timber frame. Plenty of mainstream lenders are reluctant to lend against any property that isn't typical brick and mortar construction.

In some cases, lenders will agree on a mortgage in principle but then withdraw the offer after a full valuation report if any of the property doesn't comply with standardised materials.

  • You have been rejected based on your age.

Santander has age limits that can prohibit some applicants from being approved. Generally, if you are approaching 70, you will be rejected. Likewise, if the term will extend for, say, 10 or 20 years and you will be over 75 at that point, your application is also likely to be refused.

  • You have made a self-employed business loss.

Making a loss in some years is a normal part of business, but high street banks will often refuse any applicant who has had any losses filed recently.

Santander is one of the banks with an automatic refusal policy for any self-employed mortgage applicant who made a loss the previous year.     

  • Your income includes gambling wins.

Gambling is always a contentious issue with mortgage lenders, many of which will not include any element of gambling income.

They may also reject any applicant with a history of gambling - Santander categorises this as anybody with frequent gambling transactions, whether profitable or not.

These scenarios represent just a few of the typical reasons for a rejected Santander mortgage but are not exhaustive.

Fortunately, many of the limitations enforced by high street banks are easily overcome by consulting an independent, whole-of-market team such as Revolution Brokers.

We work with thousands of mortgage applicants who have been turned down for a seemingly minor reason.

There is almost always a simple answer. The client achieves a successful application by using a lender with more flexible policies or that specialises in a sector such as self-employed mortgages or non-standard construction mortgages.

What Should I Do If Santander Has Refused My Mortgage Application?

Let's look at the dos and don'ts if you've just had a mortgage rejection from Santander:

  • DON'T immediately look for someone else to apply to. The chances are that another high street bank will return the same answer, and you could damage your credit report by making multiple failed applications.
  • DO ask for a reason why your application has been refused. If you know why your broker will be in a much better position to tailor your advice to the specific rejection reason and overcome any challenges.
  • DO contact the Revolution Brokers team. We are an independent broker working with all sorts of clients to ensure they find the mortgage borrowing they need, whether or not a mainstream lender has turned them down based on a policy or eligibility criteria.

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Frequently Asked Questions - What To Do If Santander Refuses Your Mortgage Application?

Here we'll run through some of the most common questions about applying for a mortgage with Santander.

How Long Does it Take to Get a Santander Mortgage?

Most Santander mortgage applicants will need to budget at least three weeks for a mortgage application. This process can take longer or be shorter if the application is straightforward.

Can Santander Withdraw an Offer After Agreeing to Lend?

Potentially, yes. If any adverse circumstances arise after agreeing in principle, Santander can withdraw a mortgage offer at any point.

What Deposit Sources are Accepted by Santander?

Like most high street mortgage lenders, you can use a deposit saved in cash or a gift from family members, provided you can evidence the tracing of the money.

You cannot use a deposit gifted from anybody who will cohabit the resident who isn't named on the mortgage - although other lenders will happily accept this.

Is It Possible to Get a Santander Mortgage with a Criminal Record?

No, Santander will not lend to anybody with a criminal record unless the record shows a minor offence or one that has since been spent (thus since removed).

Will Santander Approve a Mortgage If I Have a CCJ on my Credit Report?

Possibly, although if the CCJ was registered in the last three months, your application will be rejected. Santander does not accept any mortgage applicant with an unsatisfied CCJ that has yet to be repaid in full.

Is It Worth Appealing a Santander Mortgage Rejection?

You have the right to appeal if any high street bank refuses your mortgage application. However, it is relatively rare for any provider to reconsider a mortgage they have already rejected.

Appealing can be stressful and usually unsuccessful, so a better course of action is to consult an independent broker who can recommend a more appropriate lender.

Can I Get a Self-Build Mortgage From Santander?

Unfortunately not. Like many mainstream lenders, Santander will not offer a self-build mortgage, even to applicants with extensive construction experience.

Will Santander Honour My Mortgage Agreement in Principle After a Valuation?

It depends. If your property valuation has been completed smoothly, you can usually proceed from an agreement in principle to a complete application.

However, any issues such as credit report circumstances may still mean Santander rejects the application at the final stage.

What Can I Do if Santander Has Withdrawn My Mortgage Offer?

While it can be worrying if a bank refuses your mortgage, the best thing to do is not panic. Give the Revolution Brokers team a call. We'll work through the situation with you and recommend the ideal solution, which is often as simple as applying to a more suitable lender.

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