Congrats! You have decided to buy your own home. We understand that buying your first home can be both exciting and daunting at the same time, and our friendly team of mortgage advisers are here to help guide you from start to completion.

About your mortgage

Error: Yearly income income must be between £1 and £10,000,000.

Error: Regular bonus must be between £1 and £10,000,000.

Based on your yearly income, you may be able to borrow:


Most lenders will let you borrow 4.5 times your annual salary so, as long as you have a standard 10% deposit, you should be able to borrow this much.


Depending on your personal circumstances, some lenders may let you borrow 5 times your salary.


Lenders usually cap the amount they lend at 5.5 times your salary, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to borrow more than this.

This calculator is an estimation of how much you could borrow. If you’re ready to take out a mortgage, speak to a Revolution brokers to see what options are available.

Mortgage Broker and Advisor in Wellington

If you need a home loan, commercial mortgage or property finance, the best possible route is to contact the Revolution mortgage broker Wellington team!

Our expert consultants deliver exceptional value and outstanding service to every client, breaking down barriers to affordable lending and securing market-beating profits for investment landlords.

If you're unsure whether you need a mortgage broker Wellington, we'll break down what that service involves and the potential pitfalls of trying to navigate the market alone.

What Services Are Available From Revolution Mortgage Brokers Wellington?

We live and breathe property finance, as a leading mortgage broker Wellington, so we are on hand to advise whether it is, in fact, a mortgage you require or an alternative form of borrowing.

Revolution's experienced consultants negotiate with niche lenders and national banking providers to secure:

  • Mortgages and commercial mortgages.
  • Remortgage and refinance deals.
  • Home loans and secured borrowing.
  • Bridging finance and development loans.

Using a mortgage broker Wellington means access to insider industry knowledge, streamlining your mortgage application, and exponentially increasing your chances of approval.

That includes scouring the market for the most attractive deals. We are whole-of-market, which means we negotiate any product from tens of thousands of lenders, with no links or ties to any institution.

What Should I Look for in a Mortgage Broker Wellington?

There are several criteria we'd recommend you put on your list of must-haves before selecting a mortgage broker Wellington!

Mortgage Broker Wellington Registrations

First, your broker must be registered with the appropriate trade bodies and be FCA authorised and regulated.

Brokers provide financial advice, so this is critical to ensure your guidance comes from suitably qualified and experienced consultants.

Whole of Market Mortgage Access

As we've mentioned, there are millions of mortgage products, and some mortgage brokers Wellington, unfortunately, aren't whole of market.

The difference is that they are salespeople rather than independent advisors and will only sell you mortgage products they have on their books.

A whole of market mortgage broker Wellington, on the other hand, has the freedom of independence and the advantage of open access to broker-exclusive deals and niche lending products, as well as any mortgage offered by a mainstream lender.

Comprehensive Mortgage Advice Services

Mortgages are the best-known type of home loan, but far from the only one!

As leading mortgage brokers Wellington, we always ask for a chat before making any recommendations to evaluate whether a mortgage is the right borrowing solution for you.

For example, alternatives might include:

  • Bridging finance for a fast turnaround project where a typical mortgage may take too long to arrange.
  • Auction property finance to meet your 28-day payment deadline.
  • Remortgaging or consolidating into a portfolio mortgage to reduce fees.
  • Development loans to assist with purchasing a property or plot of land and covering up to 100% of the build costs.

Each option depends entirely on your circumstances, so we won't offer any mortgage broker Wellington advice until we've got a great idea about your needs.

Should I Get a Mortgage Broker Wellington?

For many people, choosing a mortgage is an impossibly difficult task. There are many factors to think about, with just a few listed below:

  • Will my lender accept a deposit of the value I can offer?
  • What is their minimum annual income threshold?
  • How many times my salary can I borrow?
  • Which lenders will accept applicants of my age?
  • Should I choose a repayment or interest-only mortgage?
  • Are there any mortgage support initiatives I should use?
  • Do I need a business or a residential mortgage?
  • Is a longer mortgage term the best option for me?

Price comparison sites have gone a long way to making financing more accessible but, unfortunately, are rarely a competitive solution in the mortgage sector.

Mortgage brokers Wellington compare thousands of products at lightning speed, whereas a price comparison site will only showcase the products lenders have paid to advertise there.

These calculators also cannot take your circumstances into account, so much of the time, the product you will see won't be available to you because you don't meet specific criteria, such as your type of employment, age, or average income.

A qualified mortgage broker Wellington will direct your application only to the lenders we know will be happy to accept your application - avoiding increasing credit checks on your file that can lead to further problems down the line.

How Revolution Mortgage Brokers Wellington Can Help

With years of experience in the Somerset property market, Revolution provides an end-to-end solution to finding your ideal mortgage.

From initial application assessments to agreements in principle, paperwork processing, to final payment, our role as your mortgage broker Wellington is to ensure you get the best mortgage rates achievable in terms that work for you.

Give us a call or drop us a message, and one of the Revolution mortgage brokers Wellington team, will be in touch!


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